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"People don't do business with a logo.
They do business with a person."

Join the movement that has helped business owners & entrepreneurs
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STAND OUT in the 'sea of sameness'.

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Do you struggle in any of these areas?


"I don't know what truly sets me apart from other agents."


“I know I should be more focused, but I’m afraid I’ll box myself in and lose business instead of gaining.”


“I know what differentiates me, but I have no idea how to express that in my brand or marketing.”


“The marketing I’ve done in the past has just not worked for me. I feel like I have a 'spray & pray' approach.”


“I'm tired of watching other agents fly past me, especially when I know that what I have to offer is valuable."


“My marketing is all over the place. Nothing is consistent."


“I’m tired of just building someone else’s business. I need to focus on building mine.”

If any of those sound familiar...

that's EXACTLY why we developed BrandFace® for Real Estate Pros!


Swim out of the 'sea of sameness' and stand out so prospects know WHY to choose YOU.


Our exclusive 3-D Freedom Formula will position you as an AUTHORITY in your market.


Have all your marketing materials and language at your fingertips. Professional & PURPOSEFUL.

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Our Clients LOVE the Outcome......

"I tripled my income within 6 months. It was incredible!"

- Phyllis
(Ridgecrest, CA)

"I received $6,000,000 in referrals because people view me differently."

- Terressa
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

"I got an $800,000 listing almost immediately."

- Lara
(Philadelphia, PA)

About US

We are the partners behind BrandFace®. Our mission is to help real estate professionals discover (and get recognized for) their unique point of differentiation so they can upstage, out-market and out-sell their competition. Our mantra is, "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person."

We don't just talk about personal brands. WE BUILD THEM.

- Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr

How BrandFace® began...

While selling vacuums door to door to pay for her college education, Tonya happened upon the home of a radio station engineer who recommended her for a sales position, which began an eighteen-year journey in radio.

During this time, Tonya observed business owners who were featured in their own advertising and positioned as local celebrities in the market. She was intrigued by this, and determined to help others achieve that same success.

She hand-picked clients whom she felt she could turn into the next radio star, and pulled them into the studio to record their commercials. This was just the beginning of helping many business owners & leaders build their personal brands across multiple marketing platforms.

Several years and many successful brands later, she founded BrandFace®, a personal branding firm consisting of a book series, training series and speaking series that is designed to help serious professionals differentiate themselves. She has authored four books on the subject of personal branding, but focuses primarily on the real estate industry.

Tonya is known for developing The Only Comprehensive Personal Brand Building System Across the Globe. She believes that everyone has a worthy story to tell, and often states, “We don’t make stars. We unveil them.” 

When it got even better...

Michael Carr (BrandFace® Partner & COO) is known as the Abundant Life Broker®. He’s also America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer, and has sold billions of dollars in auto, heavy equipment, land, commercial and residential properties. He has been actively involved in the sale of over 78,000 homes and licensed in as many as 31 states in the continental U.S. as a broker and an auctioneer.

Michael met Tonya in 2013 when he became a client of BrandFace®. He was intrigued by her mantra, “People don’t do business with a logo. They do business with a person.” Immediately, he put her exclusive personal branding concepts to work at his own brokerage, and as a result, his business quadrupled over the next year. 

On the heels of that success, they decided to co-author BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals, which became a #1 international bestseller on Amazon. And today, he is Partner & COO of BrandFace®.

Michael continues to build his brokerage as the Abundant Life Broker®, teaching impressive business growth options to his agents, with a focus on helping them build their own personal brand at the same time. Together he and his agents continue to grow a brokerage with a national footprint, closing more transactions in a month than they used to close in an entire year..

Michael is best known for his inspiring and bold moves in the industry, and constantly reminding their clients to “Be BOLD, especially with your brand”. 

The order of things matters.

When you attempt to market yourself without defining, developing, and displaying your personal brand FIRST, it's almost impossible. How would you even know what to say to attract exactly the type of customers you seek?

Marketing Comes Later

Marketing is using different vehicles and platforms to get your unique message out to the world.

Branding Comes FIRST

Your brand IS the message and image that you market across all of those vehicles and platforms.

That's exactly why we developed the Real Estate Brand help you avoid costly marketing mistakes & FOCUS on exactly what makes you STAND OUT.

Let's look at the facts.
You can...

  • Buy every lead generation tool in the industry
  • Shoot 10 videos a week and post them to YouTube
  • Post and post and post on social media
  • Send countless emails and postcards
  • Write blog post after blog post
  • Knock on a hundred doors
  • Make a thousand phone calls
  • Work on SEO 4 hours a day
  • Advertise constantly

But how are YOU going to appear DIFFERENT from everyone else who is doing the SAME THINGS?  

Our Real Estate BRAND BUILDER a self-guided online program that gives you step by step guidance to help you DEFINE, DEVELOP & DISPLAY your own unique personal brand so your marketing is purposeful, attractive and consistent.

It's super easy to follow (just like following a recipe), and helps bring incredible clarity to your point of differentiation and how to express it.

It contains the secrets we've used to build successful real estate brands across the globe...we've held nothing back!

Here's what it includes:


Step-by-step modules to help you Define, Develop & Display your own personal brand


Access to our private Facebook Group so you can ask questions and share your success


Lifetime access to our Brand Builder training videos inside BrandFace® Academy


Video tutorials that take you step by step through our exclusive branding formulas & tutorials


Video library (50+ videos) teaching you how to put your brand to work once it's ready!


Need help from our team? You can upgrade at any time to our 'done for you' option!

Our clients love being a BrandFace®...

Here's What You Get With

  • INSTANT ACCESS to begin building your personal brand today
  • VIDEO TRAINING MODULES with clear & easy to follow instructions
  • Exclusive HEAP FORMULA that walks you through pinpointing your IDEAL CUSTOMERS
  • Exclusive STAIR METHOD that helps you focus on your POINT OF DIFFERENTIATION
  • Formula for writing the perfect ELEVATOR PITCH so you can communicate quickly
  • Formula for your BRAND MESSAGING HIGHLIGHTS that tell people about you at a glance
  • Formula & example of a POWERFUL BIOGRAPHY that tells your personal & professional story
  • Best ever description of a stand-out LOGO DESIGN FORMULA & access to our affiliate
  • Formula for choosing your BRAND IMAGES that resonate with your area, customers, and brand
  • How to prepare for a phenomenal PHOTO SHOOT top to bottom to showcase your personality
  • Tutorials for designing eye catching COVER PHOTOS & WEBSITE HEADERS
  • Tutorials for designing a super unique BUSINESS CARD that showcases your new brand
  • Step by step tutorials for the world's most popular, easy and FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN TOOL
  • Access to our dedicated FACEBOOK GROUP for community & team support
  • BONUS TRAINING LIBRARY of 50+ videos teaching you how to market with your new brand
  • BONUS digital copy of the INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals
  • BONUS inclusion in our BrandFace® NATIONWIDE REFERRAL NETWORK with agents in 41 states (and growing)


(payment plans available)

"A great brand doesn't just change the way others see you. It changes the way you see YOURSELF."

- BrandFace

"You can't calculate the cost of CONFUSION."

- BrandFace

"Great branding isn't about being known for your profession. It's being known for being DIFFERENT in your profession."

- BrandFace

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